Friday, January 18, 2008

More About Me

I went to college (many moons ago) in New Jersey. I was a Health and Physical Education major and always wanted to teach and coach. I had mono my junior year in college and missed a semester so I ended up graduating in January. There were no teaching jobs available then, so I ended up going into the management program at Toys "R" Us. I ended up saying with Toys because the money was much better than I would get teaching. At the time, I didn't realize that money wasn't everything! I worked for Toys for 14 years, both in NJ and then in Florida. After 10 years in Florida, I knew I needed a change so I moved to North Carolina. I worked in retail for 4 years and then finally got out of retail! I worked for United Way for almost 10 years before I was fortunate enough to be able to retire.
I love North Carolina - there is nothing better than seeing the mountains everyday! I have lots of interests - photography, hiking, golf, geocaching, etc. Every day I realize how lucky I am to be able to live the life I am living. I'm a huge animal lover (4 dogs and 4 cats). My dogs also love being able to go hiking in the mountains.

I only became interested in photography about 4 years ago. Now I rarely go anywhere without my camera. I always wanted to do something with my photos, but until I heard about Etsy, I didn't know what. I now make photo note cards and sell them on Etsy. I will also be adding fine art photography prints to my Etsy store. Check my shop out here.