Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm in a Treasury!

Thank you LuckyDogTreatCompany for including Dogs Galore Note Cards Set in a Treasury.

Click here to see the treasury and comment


  1. Hi! Just got your questions on Twitter. I can not understand why my treasury opens larger and yours won't. I wonder if it's the difference in layout? I really have no idea! I didn't do anything special when I uploaded the treasury photo. I just saved it as a JPG and uploaded it as Large. I'm sorry I'm no help! :(

  2. how do you add that photo of the treasury you are in to your blog? I tried and must have done something totally wrong.

  3. All I did was do a print screen and pasted it in a new document and saved as a jpg. There are a few threads if you do a search in the Etsy forums.
    Thanks for looking at mt blog

  4. Awesome treasury! You've been tagged. Come and visit my blog.