Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras Comes to Asheville

Asheville is now called home to many ex-New Oreleans folks since Hurricane Katrina. Many think it is because both Asheville and New Orleans share a sense of community. Last year, some of these New Orleans transplants organized the first Mardi Gras parade. Although it was a small parade, those that participated and attended had a great time. Despite braving tempertures in the 20's, this year's parade was bigger and better! The parade ended in Pritchard Park where everyone gathered for drumming, dancing and music. It's very much an Asheville event.

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  1. Bonz,
    I just noticed that you have begun following my photoblog...Just wanted to say thanks and when I visited...I noticed that you also have a submission for the book...congrats! I love your fall foliage shot...my favorite time to take pictures!